What is the PCO Licence?

Looking for information on the London PCO Licence? Many people are attracted by the idea of becoming their own boss and working flexible hours. Becoming a Minicab or Chauffeur Driver in London can help you find that real sense of control. Anyone who is considering this fruitful career path needs to know about making the London PCO Licence application. If you meet all the PCO Licence requirements outlined on this website and follow the application process correctly, you’ll be well on the way to getting on the road quickly.

The PCO Licence Basics

PCO Licence

PCO simply stands for Public Carriage Office and refers to the section of Transport for London which today issues licenses for London’s Private Hire Drivers and Chauffeurs. You may already be aware that London Black Cab drivers (also known as Hackney carriage drivers) need to go through a different licensing process. This process is known as “The Knowledge” which consists of learning around 320 runs and 20,000 points of interest by heart! If you have a good memory then why not opt in for the London Black Cab License.

 PCO Licence Application

London PCO Licence

It’s easy to start the PCO Licence application. Firstly, either request a pack to be posted out to you or contact a reputable firm to take care of the entire application for you. You might feel a little daunted when you see how comprehensive and confusing this pack is. However, by reading through the different sections on this website you’ll discover how to deal with each and every aspect. By breaking it down into sections and doing one thing at a time you could complete your PCO application smoothly without any hassles. However, the time taken for the PCO Licence to be granted can be as much as 16 weeks. For those of you who wish to have a reputable company Fast Track your PCO Application (4 to 6 weeks) please give us a call today 020 3780 1055. Click here for the Fast Track Solution.

PCO Licence Requirements

You “must” meet all the following PCO licence requirements:

  • You must be a minimum of 21 years of age.
  • Have the right to live and work in the UK.
  • Be the holder of a UK or other EEA driving licence for at least the last 3 years.
  •  Able to meet the medical requirements covered in the DVAL Group 2 standards. This will be confirmed in a medical assessment which you need to get done by a GP before sending your PCO application pack back to be processed. Anyone with health problems or disabilities should look at our pages on this subject for further information.
  • Be able to read a map and work out 3 routes. This is an essential part of the skills needed to be a private hire driver and you can show that you possess these skills when you undertake the topographical test which is part of the licensing process. If you aren’t confident about passing this test then you can get training done before the test.
  • Be of good character. This might seem the most difficult point of all to prove but it simply involves getting a DBS (CRB) check done. This is a criminal records checks and our page on the subject will show you the types of conviction which are going to cause you a problem in getting your licence sorted out.

The Next Steps

If you meet the points on the previous list of requirements then you are in a great position to go ahead and start your application for a PCO licence. It shouldn’t take you too long to fill out the forms and do the relevant tests so before you know it you could driving around London and making money in your new career. Remember, we offer various Packages to help you licensed quick! Click here

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