Lost PCO Licence

Once you get given your brand new PCO licence you are sure to take good care of it. This document is absolutely essential for you to be able to work legally as a Private Hire Driver in London. When your passengers see that you have a licence they will feel confident that they are in the safe hands of a legal driver.

What happens if you have lost the PCO Licence? This is something which could happen to any of us but it doesn’t have to be as big a problem as you may think. Provided that you are aware of the steps needed for reporting a lost PCO licence, getting it replaced will be fine.

The Initial Steps

Once you realise that your licence has been lost you don’t want to waste any time. The first step you should take in this situation is to get in touch with TfL on the following phone number; 0343 222 4444. If the licence has been stolen rather than lost then there is an additional step in the reporting process, as you will need to advise TfL of the crime reference number allocated by the police who investigate the issue. Even if you don’t think it is worth letting the police know you should still do so, as this will stop anyone from being able to run a service illegally with your licence.

What Happens After This?

When you call, the person you speak to will tell you what steps are needed for the lost or stolen licence to be replaced. The cost will not be much.


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