PCO Licence Application

Download your PCO Licence Application Forms . The PCO Licence application is necessary for anyone who wants to become a Minicab or Chauffeur driver in London. Thankfully, it’s not a difficult process.

Getting Started

PCO Licence Application

You can either download the application forms or phone our company and ask for the Platinum Package. If you wish to go it alone and have  ask for it to be sent out to you it will get it through within 10 working days

Make Sure You Can Apply

There is application fee of £250 and other costs involved in making the licence application. This means that it is a smart move to make sure that are eligible to apply for it before you go ahead and do anything. For a start, you need to have a minimum age of 21, be in good health, be of good character and have been a holder of a full EEA driving licence for a minimum of the last 3 years. As you progress through the different stages of the PCO licence application you will need to get these details confirmed and verified. If you have any doubts about meeting the criteria it is best to look into the matter straight away.

What You Receive

Whether you download the application pack or ask for it to come through to you by post, you will get exactly the same information. You will have the PCO licence application form, details on the topographical skills test, information on the DBS (CRB) check to show you are a person of good character, payment method information, the medical part of the application which your GP needs to complete, confirmation of how you can return the pack through the Post Office and a pre addressed envelope which you can use to return everything back to TfL.

What Needs to be Returned?

It might all look a bit confusing at first but a quick look through will help you understand what the application is all about. It is then a question of working out what needs to go back. The application form is one item which you need to return once it is ready. Along with this you will need to send a passport photo, the CRB reference, your topographical skills pass certificate, a medical certificate which has been filled out and stamped, the PCO licence fee and a document showing that you are able to live and work in the UK. This can all be sent back in the envelope which came with the pack or you could send it through the Post Office, at a current cost of £7.

The Next Stage

After you have sent the full PCO licence application pack off you should expect to have to wait about 3 to 4 months for the application to get processed. You can get hold of TfL if you hear nothing after this time. The telephone number for enquiries is 0343 222 4444 (during weekdays from 9 to 5) and their email is tph.enquiries@tfl.gov.uk.

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