PCO Licence Cars

It is a great feeling to have your new PCO licence granted. This could be the start of an exciting new chapter in your life.

Your thoughts will probably now turn to the type of PCO Licence cars / vehicles that suite you and your line of work. There are different methods of getting hold of a car to use in your new job and the following are some of the main points to consider.

You Could Hire Your PCO Vehicle

Hiring is a low risk way of getting started in your new career, especially if you aren’t sure whether it is exactly the right move for you. By hiring the vehicle you work in you can work out how much you can earn in this line of work without paying out for a car of your own. Equally, hiring PCO vehicles is a smart way of trying out different models until you settle on one. To hire a PCO Licensed Car why not try a search on google.

There is also the option to contract hire or lease a car and have it PCO Licensed yourself. This option may work out cheaper in the long term as all maintenance and repairs are covered under a warranty scheme, the fuel efficiency of new cars is also excellent. Please bear in mind some companies have mileage restrictions so watch out for the small print!

You Could Buy Your PCO Vehicle

The option of buying a car to use for your new career is one you won’t want to take lightly. This is likely to be an expensive investment and you might not be fully convinced that it is the perfect move for you at this time. If you are planning to do this then you will want to consider the ongoing fuel costs of the car you choose and the cost of repairs as well as the initial price. Seeing what vehicles other private hire drivers use is a good start.

What Else to Bear in Mind?

You need to remember that the age of the vehicle is also important in this case. If you are looking at existing PCO vehicles which are already registered in London then they can be used for this line of work until they are 10 years old. If it is a car which has never used for London private hire then it can only be registered in the first 5 years after manufacture. It is also essential that you find a vehicle which is fully compliant with the current Euro 4 emissions criteria.

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