PCO Licence Cost

The PCO Licence cost is £487. This is made up of the following costs:

The Cost of the PCO Application – £250

This is the biggest cost you will find when sending off your PCO application. At the time of writing, the cost of the application is £250. This is paid directly to TfL and covers both the application processing fee and the licence issue fee. The other cost you may incur here is the extra £7.50 which would be paid if you want to send it back using the Post Office’s check and send service. If you choose our Platinum Package this cost is free.

The Medical Check – £80

This part of the total PCO licence cost is something which can vary, it’s very much dependant upon the price charged by your GP’s surgery. This part of the application involves a GP checking you out and confirming whether you are in good enough health to work as a private hire driver. All applicants must ensure they meet the DVLA Group 2 standard. All GP’s charge a fee for this service. The check up normally lasts half an hour or so. We can get you booked in asap with one of our GP’s who charge a flat rate of £80.

The CRB (DBS) Cost – £56.85

You can’t afford to forget to budget for this cost either. It isn’t the most expensive part of the PCO application cost but it is something you need to pay out. This is the part of the application process in which you pay for the Data Barring Service to carry out a check on your background. It can be done online or on via a postal service. Once again, we offer this service within our Platinum Package.

The Topographical Test – £50

Another essential step in the licence process is the Topographical Test. The cost of this is £50 with us. You will be fully trained so rest assured we’ll give you our cast iron guarantee you’ll pass 100% within the £50 with no hidden costs! There are no re-test fees either.

Our Admin fee – £50

This includes our professional help and support costs. We arrange for your entire application to be submitted to TfL. This involves you visiting our offices for 2 hours within which time we aim to complete the entire application process. It’s a small price to pay for taking away all the form filling hassle. Please click here for more information.

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