PCO Licence CRB Check

As part of the PCO licence application process you need to prove that you can be classed as a person of good character. This is done by having a PCO Licence CRB check carried out. What this will do is show whether or not there is any criminal record linked to your name.

You can either do this online or through the post. No matter which way you do it, you will be paying over £55.

The PCO Licence CRB check is basically a criminal records check which confirms if you have had any previous criminal convictions or cautions. However, even if you do this doesn’t mean that your application will be automatically rejected. The decision on your case will be taken depending upon the precise details which are reported on your check. Please note, previously this check was called a CRB check and now it’s officially known as a DBS check.

What Convictions Could Cause a Problem?

There are some types of criminal convictions and offences which are probably going to lead to your licence application being rejected. The following list covers some of the most common ones but there are others which could cause you problems with your application:

  • Being convicted or cautioned or receiving any other type of penalty for rape, another serious sexual offence, indecent assault or the possession of indecent images.
  • Multiple sexual offences of any kind
  • Any major offence including a high degree of violence. For example, murder and manslaughter would fall into this category.
  • Multiple convictions in the last 10 years for any type of offence involving violence.
  • Any conviction which has led to a custodial sentence still being in force. In this case, it doesn’t matter if you have been given early release or if the sentence has been suspended.
  • Any touting conviction, penalty or caution in the last 12 months. Alternatively, multiple touting offences during the last 5 years.
  • Any offence which has resulted in your name being added to the list of barred people held by the Individual Safeguarding Agency.

The Next Step

With the return of your PCO application pack you will need to include the CRB (DBS) reference number. This number is allocated to you when you get your PCO Licence CRB check carried out. Anyone who has no previous convictions doesn’t need to do any more than this. However, if you do have previous convictions/cautions which have been flagged up a letter will automatically be sent out to you asking you to forward your Certificate to TMGCRB. They will forward a copy to TfL and return your original document to you.

TfL Licensing will then make a decision on your fitness and repute to see if you meet the standards required.

If you’re worried about your past history please give TfL a call on 0343 222 4444 and one of the advisors will put your mind at ease.

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