PCO Licence Disabled Drivers

If you are planning on making an application for a PCO licence then you might wonder whether having disabilities is going to be an issue. The truth of the matter is that having a disability isn’t going to automatically exclude you from the process but it’s perhaps going to make the application a little more complicated.

The Medical Assessment

An important part of the PCO Licence application is the medical assessment which you need to ask a GP to carry out. The results of this assessment will allow the people who look at your application to decide whether or not your disability is something which is going to cause a public safety concern if you are granted your licence as a private hire driver. This means that you need to make sure that you take the time to fully discuss the case with your doctor during the assessment.

Modified Vehicles

Drivers with disabilities can find that vehicles with certain modifications are of a great help to them. For example, a steering wheel ball, hand controlled brakes and a hand controlled accelerator are a few of the things which can help a disabled driver control a vehicle without any problems. As well as the medical assessment you will probably also need to speak to a driver assessor if you need any of these modifications. The alterations will also need to be carried out by one of the authorised motability installers.

The Guidelines    

The DVLA Group 2 guidelines are where you will find all of the relevant information on licences for drivers with disabilities. If you have any doubts about how your case is likely to be viewed then you should contact the licensing team at TfL on 03 43 222 444 and run your situation past them to see what they think about how you should proceed.

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