PCO Licence Medical Check

As part of your request to become licensed as a London Private Hire Driver you will need to complete the PCO Licence Medical Check. The reason for this part of the application process is that you need to prove that your health is good enough for you to work in this type of job. The DVLA group 2 medical criteria is what you need to meet in order to fulfil these requirements.

The details of the appropriate DVLA medical guidelines are online. However, here are some of the main points you might be interested in.

Disabled Drivers

There is no reason to believe that disabled drivers are in any way excluded from being able to become a London private hire driver. In some cases this could mean driving a specially adapted vehicle. Some examples of the kinds of modification which can be carried out to a taxi in this respect include the addition of modified foot pedals or of hand operated controls. Anyone who will need a modified vehicle should find that the PCO medical check part of the application is a little more complicated. However, if you are keen to go ahead you shouldn’t let this put you off.

The GP

The medical declaration which is sent out with the PCO licence application pack needs to be completed by a GP. The medical check they carry out on you will normally last around 30 minutes. This check will cover the following points; vision, cardiovascular, endocrine, psychiatric, neurological and musculoskeletal. After the medical declaration is completed you need to return it with the rest of the application pack & supporting documents.

Age Issues

You are probably already aware that the criteria for holding a standard driving license is that it is issued up to the age 70 and then needs to get renewed every 3 years. Having said that, when it comes to the PCO Licence Medical Check, there is no upper age limit specified. You need to be at least 21 years of age in order to apply for this type of licence. The PCO Licence lasts for 3 years and all new applicant must pass the Medical checks regardless of their age.  Thereafter, anyone over 45 will need to do another Medical Check at each 3 yearly renewal period. Those under 45 at renewal stage do not need to do another Medical Check.

Why Might You Fail?

There are several different reasons why some applicants fail the PCO Licence Medical Check. For instance, the GP might not be able to certify you if you fall into one of the falling categories; epilepsy, heart problems, neurological disorders, limited vision, the use of some types of prescribed medication or alcohol abuse in the past.

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