PCO Licence Renewal

The PCO licence you are given after completing the application process will be valid for 3 years. To continue working as a private hire driver you will need to renew your licence after this period. The good news is that this is a painless process for most people.

The PCO Renewal Pack

You will get a PCO licence renewal pack issued to you automatically. As long as you havn’t moved since getting your initial licence this will go straight to your registered address for you to complete and send back. Please note, the onus is on you to renew the licence in time regardless of whether you received any renewal forms from TfL or not. This is the law.

 Check the Pack and Return It

There isn’t really much for you to do when you get your renewal pack through. Most of it will already be completed. All you have to do is go through it, check the parts which have been filled in and add in the details to any blank sections. Don’t forget that you also need to enclose an up to date Medical Certification (if over 45 years old) and CRB (DBS) check (Everyone) with this pack.

The Timescales

Most important of all when dealing with a PCO licence renewal is the issue of the timescales involved. You should aim to return it a minimum of 6 weeks before your current licence expires. If you don’t get the pack through in enough time to meet these timescales you should contact TfL and see why it hasn’t yet arrived.

Late Renewal Applications.

If you have not renewed your PCO licence in time, you’re going to have to submit a whole new application to TfL. However, if you didn’t renew for due to an illness or death then please call TfL on 0343 222 4444 and they may take your exceptional circumstances into account. There is a 3 month grace period which can be accepted by TfL.

The Next Steps

Once you have sent back the PCO licence renewal pack you can expect your new licence to come through the post before the old one runs out. If it hasn’t come through and time is running out contact TfL (0343 222 4444), as you can’t work without having a valid one in your possession. Get legal and stay legal!

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