Topographical Test

The Topographical Test is by far the most feared aspect. Don’t panic we operate London’s most reputable Topographical Training & Test Centres. We offer professional tuition for £50 with no hidden costs. That’s right, no matter how long it takes you to get to grips with the required standards we’ll make sure to assist you all the way.

The Basics

The topographical test is something which should take you approximately 2 hours to complete. Generally, the cost is between £50 and £150.

We are officially authorised by TfL to host the Topographical Tests.

You can book an appointment for any of our Topographical Centres in East  London.  Give us a call today and let’s put your mind at ease 020 3780 1055.

Topographical Package Prices

  • £50 for Advanced Topographical Training only
  • £50 for the New Topographical Test only (1 Free re-sit)
  • Combined Topographical Training & Test £75 (£25 Saving + 1 Free re-sit)
  • Free Topographical Test + 1 Free re-sit if you choose our Platinum Package

The Topographical Test

The Topographical Test itself is carried out within a group session and lasts approx 2 hours. TfL invigilate the tests.  It is more of a formal occasion, so you will need to be prepared.  We will train you on the most up-to-date 5 modules that you’ll be examined on.

Will You Pass It?

You might want to consider taking our training and test package (Topographical Package) in order to do a bit of practise before the actual test starts. When you book a Topographical Test Package with us we’ll do the rest. Our Cast Iron Training ensures you’re going to be in the best possible position to Pass the first time. You only have 2 chances to pass the test or your application will be withdrawn. If this happens you will then need to re-apply and pay £250 again!

What Comes Next?

After the PCO Topographical Test has been completed your PCO Licence will be granted. You can then start working and earning money.

If you haven’t done anything else, you’ll need to consider PCO Licence Packages.

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